How it all started?

In 2013 I was working as a Software Engineer and gave birth to my son.

I thought I will continue my job and also take care of my son, but soon I realised my son was struggling without me. So I decided to quit my job and devoted myself to my son.

In the last 6 years while working with my son I felt like I have not spent much time on myself. I really wanted to do something to boost my confidence.

My grand mother used to make various ayurvedic products at home and they were very good. I used
her recipe of Anti-hairfall Oil and started making it at home myself and
distributed the same with my friends.

Everyone loved it and they encouraged me to sell this online. So here I am now the founder of
Nidhi's Grandmaa Secret. I started with just the hair oil and today I have a full range of hair care products that people love.

These products are completely
Hand Made with no artificial chemicals and helps strengthen & nourish your hair.

I have a loving husband and a supporting family but I feel every women should be financially
independent in this world. It doesn’t matter how you start or when you start. The only thing that matters is that you have taken the first step forward to achieve your dreams.